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The Honor Flight Network's mission is to fly World War II Veterans to Washington DC to visit THEIR Memorials. In order to accomplish this, we hope someday to have Honor Flight Network (HFN) hubs across America. We are encouraging veterans throughout the United States to submit applications because it is our ultimate goal that ALL capable World War II, Korean and Vietnam Veterans travel with us.


It is a slow process to create hubs across the country, however, time is not on our side as over 640 Veterans pass away every day. As a result, we have initiated another veteran classification we call "Lone Eagles." A Lone Eagle is a Veteran whose application has been in our national office for one year or more, yet they do not live close to one of our existing hub cities. Our definition of "close" is within a 120 mile radius of the airport used by the closest hub.


When we discover a veteran who qualifies for this program, we will make every effort to fly them from a large commercial airport nearest their home. Honor Flight Network is responsible for arranging transportation for all of our Lone Eagle Veterans.


Alt Veterans require close observation from a traveling companion called a "Guardian This is not a legal term, but a title. Each Veteran must have ONE next generation guardian, willing to escort the veteran to DC. For a donation of $450, Honor Flight will provide the guardian with transportation, meals, lodging, etc. The guardian must be competent to attend to the physical needs of the veteran. We will book a room with two double beds so the guardian can stay with the veteran. The guardian needs to complete a "Lone Eagle Guardian" application.


If the veteran requires oxygen, a prescription for the oxygen must be provided by the veteran's healthcare provider, identifying the delivery method (mask or nasal cannula), frequency (as needed or continuously), and the rate of delivery (2-3 liters per minute). The Veteran must also secure an approved portable oxygen concentrator for use on the aircraft (normally available from the Veteran's oxygen supplier). We provide oxygen cylinders to be used at the memorials. We will provide an overnight concentrator to use in the hotel room. Veterans on oxygen are required to have oxygen available from their home to the departure airport and also on the return from their local airport back to their homes. No oxygen cylinders are permitted to be used on the aircraft or on the deluxe motor coaches used in Washington DC.


As always, the veteran is not required to pay for ANYTHING, unless they choose to purchase souvenirs. They have paid enough with their service to this country.


What is the first step? Turn in an application! The second step would be to contact our offices if you have not been called for a flight, but have been on the waiting list for over one year.


For More Information


Please contact Jane Julian at: (614) 558-6220.


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